July 05, 2014 – I deleted my facebook account for the 3rd time or something.

In high school – we used MySpace, since facebook didn’t exist, and then in time for uni, 2007 – you had to register for facebook with a university email (it started in USA only, then to educational members, then open to the public.)

In uni, I thought my account got hacked, so I deleted all my friends or something – then when Google+ was invented, I decided to migrate, so I deleted all my posts and set everything to private, though I was the only one that wanted to move @-@

I was inspired by this video:

Though, I have been hanging out with real people in real life more, recently – and it’s wonderful.

I would also rather use my time reading, lifting weights and making YouTube videos rather than wasting my life on facebook – and there is always email, sms and Google+ with which to contact people ~ 

Maybe I’ll be back – but hopefully not.

(By the way – this was just when facebook gained access to the phone microphone and started automatically tagging music and shows into posts by listening to the users surroundings @-@)