What is ‘Pushka’?

I was at a year 9 camp in high school (2003) – and I was chatting with some friends near the mess-hall, there was a tree to my right, and we were in a circle-ish/ walking around aimlessly. We were talking about games or something – and one friend described this game, where there’s a can, and people hide and one person tries to spot the others, and call their names and then they are “out” and if someone kicks the can, they are all free – and I was like: “yeah, Pushka!~” – and in return I received blank stares, and I went on that it was a game we played with friends at my parent’s Polish home church and that’s what we called it. They laughed and were most amused by my crazy Polish re-naming of things – and they started calling me Pushka after that (which at first was strange because it’s like being nick-named “hide-and-seek” or something… but I rolled with it.) After a while it stuck as my identifier, and having a super common 3-letter-name with multiple classmates, I responded more instantaneously to Pushka, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside when people would refer to me as it. and of course, growing up with the dawn of the internet I was always taught to never reveal my dox online, so it became my online alias completely and utterly.

Pushka in other languages:

  • Polish – Container/ Tin can (Puszka)
  • Czech – Shotgun (puška)
  • Croatian – Shotgun
  • Serbian – Shotgun
  • Romanian – Gun
  • Macedonian – Gun
  • Russian – Cannon
  • English – Me
  • Finnish – Bush (puska)
  • Yiddish – Charity container
  • Aramaic – Palm/ handsbreadth (פושקא)
  • Hindu – “Best among Men”
  • Bulgarian – Gun

Know of any more?

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