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Adobe Photoshop Welcome Screen is stuck/ frozen

ERROR – Adobe Photoshop stuck on the home screen – welcome screen is frozen and you can’t see new documents you create or images you drop onto photoshop – scrollbars appear but you can’t see anything

If your photoshop welcome screen is stuck and you can’t see new files or images opened:

Disable your graphics card link to photoshop – it is no longer supported:

Settings -> performance – checkbox disable “use graphics processor”
Camera-raw -> Performance -> Use Graphics Processor “OFF”

Then update your graphics card drivers as they are released, and after every upgrade, try to switch these settings on again – if it doesn’t work, switch them off.

Linux Mint Cinamon 20.3 Brightness buttons NVIDIA on MacBook late 2008 aluminium unibody

I had a lot of trouble getting the MacBook screen brightness keys to work with the NVIDIA driver (which was needed, because if the open source one was selected – apps would freeze/crash a lot)

I followed a few instructions, but the Keys are not F1 and F2, because that would need the function key – they are named:

“xbacklight -14”
“xbacklight +14″

(which is the settings file home ~/.xbindkeysrc )

Output all keys/mouse movements –
Run xev from a terminal. This will give you a new window.
Place your mouse pointer in this window, type some keys and watch for results in the terminal.

My grub settings are (I show a bunch of text on boot)

Terminal – sudo update-grub

And follow these instructions:
(middle of the thread)

Zelda Majora’s Mask Limited Edition Metal Case 6_Games

6 Zelda Games with limited edition collectors Majora’s Mask metal caseĀ  (no manual, poster, pin) – Ebay Listing

All together:
4 Zelda Games – 3DS
2 Zelda Games – DS

Majoras Mask 3D, Ocarina of Time 3D, A Link Between Worlds, Triforce Heros
Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass

I am selling these games because my 3DS isn’t in use – I really love the Zelda series, and these are all perfectly good to go to a new home for Zelda collectors, or new players that want to experience the amazing Nintendo-64 games, Zelda-3 Remake and more

[[ The metal case empty is AU $129.99 on eBay @__@ ]]

Nintendo 3DS corrupted SD card unreadable FIX

I have taken out my 3DS SD Card and copied some files to my PC a few times (also using my Android phone a few times, which may have caused an issue)

The boot section (FAT formatting) for the SD card was broken, so it wouldn’t mount and the 3DS couldn’t read it (windows disc utility showed it as RAW, meaning no file system, just a bunch of raw data that no device can read)

TestDisk Download – CGSecurity – [ backup mirror hosted on this website file backed up 2023 ]

You can re-write the boot mount (you can “recover” or “backup” lost files, but all the programs are expensive – do not format the card if windows says “can’t read drive, would you like to format”

3DS message: sd card can’t be accessed

Unzip the app – click the EXE testdisk_win.exe – then start a log file, select your 30GB or whatever size of SD card from the list – do a quick scan, then do a deep scan, then scan the boot record entry. The type is Windows/Intel/PC for type, then scan and “write” the boot entry – if the scans are successful you can also “view” all the files in the SD card – it should show some folders ” DCIM Nintendo 3DS ”

Then quit X 4 – and your PC should refresh and mount the drive as normal (made a backup of the entire SD card just in case…


Errors –

issue with mass usb device sd card android

CHKDSK is not available for RAW drives. (If the drive can’t boot – it is RAW, meaning that there are no files, just a bunch of ones and zeros that the computer doesn’t know what to do with , raw data, but when you fix the file system from RAW to FAT-format with repaired boot sector, it’ll all work as normal.

Raw drives can be made to work again using the app above – don’t format !

2023 – I just used this method to recover a spare laptop HDD I had inside my desktop PC – it stopped appearing / loading / being accessible – and I thought that maybe I’d be able to read the contents while booting up linux – but it was a raw drive / not bootable loadable info available, so I ran this app with Intel settings / quick scan / write – and it became open-able again <3


Late 2019 iMac by Apple running very slow and laggy after Big Sur update broken not working

I’m sharing an iMac Late 2014 (the oldest computer that is said to work with Big Sur)

It was very slow so we fully wiped the computer and installed a fresh copy of Big Sur, and it was still very slow, laggy etc.

We left the computer on doing nothing for 2 days and now it’s fully fast as it was before – there are 2 days of background update processes that the mac doesn’t tell you about…


If you have the issue:

late 2014 iMac by apple running very slow , not working, broken, frozen, update failed

Try leaving it on for 2 days to finish installing.

Android App on Google Play Store is stuck and not downloading error installing on Samsung Phone

I had an issue where Android Apps would not finish downloading on the Google Play Store on a Samsung phone (s9+) – I tried deleting the cache, clearing data on Google Play Store and Play Services, and it still was hanging and not working – resetting the phone multiple times

I then tried opening the Samsung Store – which prompted an update, then updated a bunch of apps in there, and then the Play Store started working again (for some reason)

Smileupps & CouchDB

CouchDB is a great way to have a self-managing version controlled database – which keeps things in sync and in the right state – perfect for multiple users, multiple hardware sources all updating the same records of the database at the same time – IE an online service, registration list or other app.

Smileupps provides a free or paid hosting service for CouchDB, as well as other IT Business Solutions

I am currently using CouchDB as an engine and merging it with a web-based front end I made for a door-list ticketing app, with easy to see searchbox, guest list and here/not-here check boxes – instant name filtering and search clearing.

A great example app you can use to start testing is here on GitHub: