Linux Mint Cinamon 20.3 Brightness buttons NVIDIA on MacBook late 2008 aluminium unibody

I had a lot of trouble getting the MacBook screen brightness keys to work with the NVIDIA driver (which was needed, because if the open source one was selected – apps would freeze/crash a lot)

I followed a few instructions, but the Keys are not F1 and F2, because that would need the function key – they are named:

“xbacklight -14”
“xbacklight +14″

(which is the settings file home ~/.xbindkeysrc )

Output all keys/mouse movements –
Run xev from a terminal. This will give you a new window.
Place your mouse pointer in this window, type some keys and watch for results in the terminal.

My grub settings are (I show a bunch of text on boot)

Terminal – sudo update-grub

And follow these instructions:
(middle of the thread)