Cling Tight – Melissa Otto

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He spoke of freedom
And He spoke of healing
He opened to me
The blessings of His victory
He said, “call on My name
I hear you
Call on My name
I care for you
Come to me you’re burdened and weary
I’ll give you rest”

Cling tight, dear heart
To your God
If you lose all of your might
Dear heart
Your King holds on to you

He gives me freedom
And He gives me healing
And He will complete the good work He began in me
When my soul calls for help from a desert
You find me and carry me through it
Saying, “breathe, just breathe
I’ve got you”

Oh sovereign Lord
My strong deliverer
Who trains my hands for the day of battle
You rescue me from my strong enemy
You take me by the right hand and say
Do not fear I will help you
Take courage and cling

Cling Tight lyrics in a powerpoint