Permission to Perform – Ottos Music

Currently I have permission to perform, upload and distribute recordings of the Ottos music ~ Keep posted and Subscribe for free updates to hear and get some of this music~

Pushka Ben Gplus
Hello Billy ~~ how’s it going??
Its Polish Church Ben ~

I was wondering….
could I get permission to perform the compositions written by you and your siblings?
Are they held under any copyright licence or record label?

What I would be requesting is permission for any combination of these:

  • Permission to perform the songs on YouTube
  • Permission to place advertising on or next to the YouTube videos for revenue sharing with Google/YouTube
  • Permission to allow the public to download mp3 recordings for free
    • (This would not be replacing the original soundtracks…
    • I would link back to the 3abn website or other website
    • It would get the message and songs out there more)

19 hours ago – Billy Otto
perform them all man. go for it. just give me a call if you make it real big, then we will talk about copyright

4 minutes ago – Pushka Ben Gplus
heheh ~ ok no worries ^__^