YouTube Music Cover Licence

The Music covers which are available on the YouTube channels @PushkaCom @3amSydney and @GodlessEnchiridion are under the Australian YouTube Network BOOM TV, which has a partnership with AMCOS, Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners’ Society Limited. If you would like to have one of my videos removed due to inappropriate use of music, please contact BOOM Network.

The following is a description of the licence methods used: 

“AMCOS’ agreement with Boom Video is a blanket licence for the underlying musical work. As it only includes cover versions of songs, no record company rights are used in this context.

As the AMCOS/Boom Video agreement is a blanket licence, you do not need to request specific permission upfront. However if a copyright holder did request for their song to be removed, Boom would ask you to remove that video – something that rarely happens.

AMCOS also has reciprocal agreements with similar organisations overseas. Therefore the songs represented include those from Japan, the Anglo-American repertoire and most other countries.

Kind regards, Frank “

Frank Rodi
Online & Mobile Licensing Manager
Broadcast & Online
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