O Holy Night – Lara on YouTube

  • hello ~ ~ ~ looove it ^__^

    Can I have permission to download this and accompany you with flute and harmony singing?

    + upload to YouTube/monetize/distribute free mp3?

    PushkaCom 22 hours ago

  • @PushkaCom I’m not sure if it’s out of copyright, so you may not be able to monetize it! i’d prefer you didn’t.

    lara6683 14 hours ago

  • @lara6683 oh okok~ no worries ~ ^__^

    it’s a really nice song ~

    so if it’s ok to accompany you ~~ thank you ~ ~ ~ ~

    keep on making beautiful music !!~ go ozzy-land ~

    PushkaCom 14 hours agoUntitled

    The song is in the public domain