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Peppermint Butler Tattoo

American Traditional style Peppermint Butler Tattoo from Adventure Time

peppermint Butler Tattoo adventure Time American Traditional style

They say the first tattoo you get has a year of planning behind it , 5,000 different meanings and thought put into it, and then 2nd..3rd…etc – just – I like this thing’s look, add it to the collection!

Added some boldness to Pep-Butt – shorter limbs, 5 candy stripes and some yellow glowing eyes n__n

Also the alchemy symbols for Jupiter and Saturn

Horror music playlists for board games

Playing a horror RPG game like warewolf, blood on the clocktower, mysterium, pandemic – copy/clone some of these horror mood playlists:

Fountain Pen Series, Classics

Personally, I’d group fountain pens into 4 series-es, with some famous/ classic pens in each as follows:

  • Entry level $30 – $60 – Steel nibs, plastic body
    • Lamy Safari
    • Twisbi Echo
  • Mid-tier $100 – $300 – Gold nibs
    • Pilot VP
    • Lamy 2000
    • Pelikan M800
    • Rotring 600 (steel, discontinued)
  • Expensive pens $400 – $1,000 – Larger size
    • Montblanc 149
    • Visconti Homosapiens
    • Pelikan M1000
    • Conid
    • Graf von Faber-Castell Classic
  • Super-Luxury Extra Something Level – $1,500+ – Limited edition, rare
    • Omas Arco
    • Visconti Divina Proporzione
    • Montblanc Hemmingway
    • Namiki / Nakaya Urushi

For inks, I’d say the most famous is Pilot Iroshizuku Kon-peki.

It’s blue, so will be the most mainstream, because people can use it daily even for business writing – it’s a generic standard blue – nice and bright with good shading – many many people seem to love it a lot. Then maybe Sailor Jentle Yama-dori – sheening turquoise. 

For non-standard, Iroshizuku Yama-budo, Noodler’s Apache Sunset/ Golden Brown/ Black Swan in Australian Roses

Minimalist wallet

For years (2010-2015) I used a Moleskine wallet as my daily wallet and diary, but being inspired by Zen Habits, I have made it minimal, with only the needed things, and since 99% of the diary was unused at any one time, I don’t think I’m missing anything ~



What’s included:

Calendar/ reference material/ to do list card
Bank card
Driver’s license
Transport card
The previous two wrapped in bank notes
Work key


My MOLESKINE ® GTD implementation

Over the last week or so, I’ve read the book “GTD/ Getting Things Done: art of stress free Productivity” and have been taking notes, and making an implementation of it.

I saw some people’s versions of GTD, but found one really valuable suggestion saying that the 1st step is to READ THE BOOK – not just copy someone elses implementation.
2nd step – no really.. read the book…

I found it really inspiring, and i guess each person will naturally make their own methods, but its a strong foundation.

The sections I have are:

  • Intro, checklists, notes to self, ongoing tasks, weekly activities, daily morning timetable
  • Project List
  • Waiting for others
  • Someday/ maybe
  • Next Actions (with the different contexts, HQ, To call, To buy, Errands, People)
  • Project information

I got the inverted tab idea from This lifehacker entry

So a week into setting everything up, after collecting everything in my house, parents house, cupboard, shelves, draws etc. – I threw out about 3 storage boxes of stuff, recycled another 3, and have one box to donate to an op shop or give away.

Then I collected:

  • 4 projects (9 or more business related projects)
  • 5 things waiting for others
  • 13 Someday/ Maybe items
  • 36 Next actions
  • And a few pages of project info

And am ready for anything life can throw at me ~ mind is clear, I can focus on completing those things, and can relax and forget about it all when I’m not working, because it’s all secure in the system.

So this is the System:

  • Inbox: My MOLESKINE ® Wallet, eMail inbox
  • Project list, project details, waiting for, someday/ maybe, ongoing, next actions: MOLESKINE ® GTD Book
  • Non actionable things need to consider in the future, to do in the future, events: Google Calendar
  • Important things that need to be done on a certain day/ time: MOLESKINE ® Wallet (diary)
  • Document/Info archive for reference: Google Docs

Rotring New Newton 2005 not actually series 600 top screw cap fell off

I just took my pen out of my pocket this morning, and the screw cap which is on the bottom of the pen just came clean off, with no way to screw it on again (it usually acts in a screwing motion, but it moves an inner tube which connects to the large plastic nib+ink+case section of the pen.

There was a slight panic, but nothing looked like it had cracked in half – it is all metal and solid. (I want to use these pens forever – and I’m guessing the first thing that will disintegrate will be the clipping action of the caps… )

It was hard to see what to do – and for the first time I saw the long silver tube which is usually on the inside of the main part of the pen, but this is how I fixed it:

  1. Remove the sections: cap, nib, metal tube, main body of pen, little screw nobule which is usually on the top.
  2. place the silver inner tube into the body, and then slip the little twist cap onto the end of it
     ~ The way it is held in place is that it is wedged into it, and then the whole mechanism rotates freely inside the body of the pen.
  3. put the body of the pen, screw-cap facing down, onto a table, then use a solid long object to apply small, steadily growing amounts of pressure onto the edge of the silver inner tube down into the screw cap – thereby wedging the two into one.
     ~ I was just a bit paranoid of damaging or warping the inner tube, so I didn’t want to just push it down by adding a lot of pressure to one point – so I was working my way around the circumference. 
     ~ When it is wedged together a small amount, you can lift the pen up, and test to see your progress by observing the gap between the screw cap, and small silver section it connects to. The two should be flush together with no gap.

Here is a video of the type of pen I am talking about:


Sedetary lifestyle – Sitting all day at your office based place of work

Sitting all day is unnatural, but more and more people are doing it – with technology and transport doing everything for us, endless entertainment, and so forth

“Sitting increases risk of death up to 40%”

“Sitting 6+ hours per day makes you up to 40% likelier to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than 3. Even if you exercise.”

  • Twice the rate of cardiovascular disease 
  • Electrical activity in leg muscles shuts off
  • 1 calorie burned per minute only
  • Fat break down enzymes drop 90%
  • Good cholesterol drops 20%
  • Insulin effectiveness drops 24% after 24 hours
  • Metabolism slows 25-50%
  • Blood sugar rises
  • Mood decreases, pain grows, productivity goes down

What to do about it?


Fountain Pens on Australian Carry On Luggage

I have recently once again fallen in love with fountain pens, both for calligraphy, and for their smooth beautiful writing and ink colours. 
I’m taking a domestic flight and was worried about customs – they have strict liquid standards (though my pens only have a 1ml capacity) – but I’m thinking… if the pen was filled with poison, it would be the perfect weapon **stab stab* but at least on JetStar, mid 2014, it should be ok.
Gabriel: at 15:07:15 
Hello, how can I help you with your Jetstar booking?
you: at 15:07:27 
Hello, I am taking a domestic flight in 2 weeks, and I want to know if I can take 3 fountain pens in my hand luggage~
Gabriel: at 15:08:13 
Hi there! Let me check that for you. One moment please.
Gabriel: at 15:09:17 
Thank you for waiting!
Gabriel: at 15:09:46 
Yes, you may bring fountain pens as carry-on baggage.
you: at 15:10:04 
Ok ~ thank you ~ ~

Just take note: 

Planes usually only pressurise the cabin at 6,000 feet or so, so while the plane is taking off – the air pressure drops quickly – fountain pens can leak, since the air in the ink capsule is trying to get out, and the easiest way out is through the nib.
You should take these precautions:
  • If you use glass bottles of ink with a converter – fill the pen up full before leaving, so there will be less air in the converter
  • Keep the pens nib up for a few hours before take off, if possible, so that the ink can make its way out of the nib – you can keep it in a shirt pocket or small pocket of a hand luggage bag
  • Keep it in a zip-lock bag, just in case it leaks, and in case the people working in customs demand that any liquids are sealed in a bag
  • When opening it for the first time after ascent – open it above something on which it is ok to get ink

Travelling to Japan

There is a common misconception that Japan and especially Tokyo is expensive, but food, entrance tickets and general expenses can be cheaper than Sydney Australia.Some things that I would recommend to everyone: Going to Japan, getting a JR Pass for unlimited travel between cities on bullet trains (since bullet trains can be as expensive as domestic flights) 

Some things that I would recommend to everyone going to Japan: get a JR Pass for unlimited travel between cities on bullet trains (since bullet trains can be as expensive as domestic flights) – this way you can see a lot in 7 or 14 days.

Recommended sights

    • Spring – Cherry blossom Sakura viewing
    • Autumn – Red maple leaves 
    • Winter – Japan is one of the most highly rated places in the world for their abundance of powder snow – thanks to the freezing Russian air being pushed into Japan’s humid mountain rangesTokyo in summer can be very hot and humid
  • Tokyo
    • Go to Harajuku bridge on a Sunday (just up the road from the JR station on the Yamanote line) – lots of crazy cosplaying people and buskers further down in the park.
    • Go to the Shinjuku Metropolitan Building for a sky-high view of Tokyo for free
  • Osaka
    • Dotonbori famous city centre street
  • Kyoto
    • See the famous shrines and temples including Kinkakuji, the golden pavilion 
  • Nara
    • See the great Buddha, traditional wooden shop lined streets and parks
  • Hiroshima
    • The Atomic Bomb Museum, Genbaku Dome Remains and Peace Memorial
    • Take a JR-pass Ferry to Miyajima to see the floating red gate shrine deer



Some Google products and services you may have never heard of

Google does so many things, it’s hard to keep up.. Some of these things may be useful ~ 

  • Google Bookmarks – add through a javascript bookmark, tag/ comment and search the list.
  • Google Chart API – add HTML5 charts built by live data feeds
  • Google Safe Browsing – check to see if a website has malware or is suspicious (Chrome uses this automatically) 
  • Google Maps Engine – If you work with data sets including locations, you can import an XLS or CSV document with addresses or geocodes and insert them into a map