My MOLESKINE ® GTD implementation

Over the last week or so, I’ve read the book “GTD/ Getting Things Done: art of stress free Productivity” and have been taking notes, and making an implementation of it.

I saw some people’s versions of GTD, but found one really valuable suggestion saying that the 1st step is to READ THE BOOK – not just copy someone elses implementation.
2nd step – no really.. read the book…

I found it really inspiring, and i guess each person will naturally make their own methods, but its a strong foundation.

The sections I have are:

  • Intro, checklists, notes to self, ongoing tasks, weekly activities, daily morning timetable
  • Project List
  • Waiting for others
  • Someday/ maybe
  • Next Actions (with the different contexts, HQ, To call, To buy, Errands, People)
  • Project information

I got the inverted tab idea from This lifehacker entry

So a week into setting everything up, after collecting everything in my house, parents house, cupboard, shelves, draws etc. – I threw out about 3 storage boxes of stuff, recycled another 3, and have one box to donate to an op shop or give away.

Then I collected:

  • 4 projects (9 or more business related projects)
  • 5 things waiting for others
  • 13 Someday/ Maybe items
  • 36 Next actions
  • And a few pages of project info

And am ready for anything life can throw at me ~ mind is clear, I can focus on completing those things, and can relax and forget about it all when I’m not working, because it’s all secure in the system.

So this is the System:

  • Inbox: My MOLESKINE ® Wallet, eMail inbox
  • Project list, project details, waiting for, someday/ maybe, ongoing, next actions: MOLESKINE ® GTD Book
  • Non actionable things need to consider in the future, to do in the future, events: Google Calendar
  • Important things that need to be done on a certain day/ time: MOLESKINE ® Wallet (diary)
  • Document/Info archive for reference: Google Docs