Shift Joomla and WordPress installs

  • Copy HTML/CSS/etc. – folders. everything
  • Move the database

Login to old cPanel -> PHPmyAdmin
select databse, check all tables, “export” – all (custom – all options)

Go into new PHPmyAdmin
import all

edit (WP-config.php,. config.php (in Joomla)

Edit the database location:

  • Databse name (same)
    But – might be something like:
    old DBS name is “shop”
    new name is “rotapixt_shop”
  • Server (local host if it is on the same server, else the address (EG:
    it’s possible to install the HTML files on one FTP account server, and install the database on a different server….
  • Database user username:  (hosting account username/ password login)
  • Database user password

In website hosting – you have an account username and password, this is the same for :

  • FTP account
  • cPanel login (maybe PHPmyadmin has a different password)
  • Database / MySQL username / password (would be the same as PHPmyAdmin)

Joomla – Configuration.php:

  • host $host
  • DB name $db
  • username MYSQL $user
  • pass $password

WordPress – wp-config.php

  • commented with labels ~


HTML goes in the htdocs folder

http://localhost/cpanel(then click “PHPMYADMIN” to edit database

  • DBS name = whatever you call it in PHPmyadmin
  • server = localhost
  • username = root
  • password = “” (nothing)