Phone Idea from 2007 – Automatic phone sound profiles

I found a funny draft email in an old email account with my revolutionary phone idea I emailed to some companies.. 

It is now possible to do this with Android apps – I use it to auto-switch my phone to aeroplane mode at night, and turn to silent during weekly lectures or meetings.


As a user of mobile phones, I have an idea that would revolutionize the phone experience.
There is a feature that no phone company has thought of and one that almost every person in the world with a phone needs.

The idea is a build on the “theme” feature of most phones, a profile for your phone for specific times (e.g. in car, meetings, outside etc.), in which you can change the volume of ringing, ring tone, vibration etc. This is a very convenient feature, but it is inconvenient to constantly change themes, especially when you always change it at the same times, in a pattern.

If you could set alarm like times for your different themes, You would never have a phone go off in class, or at work, or in a meeting; and you would never miss a call because you forget to turn your phone off silent, or if your on public transport and forget to turn your phone on loud.

There could be settings for changing themes at different times every day (9 to 5 job, same every day) or a weekly set up for different times every day (uni, with different classes)

For the interface, you could have visual calendar-like screen for planning the times for the week, or you could add changes to the theme one by one using drop down boxes (selecting, day, time, what theme, etc.)

 You can get several different apps to do this – I recommend AutomateIt 

Get it on Google Play