Operating Systems: Chrome OS, Ubuntu Linux, Mac and Windows

Over the years, since my dad first was messing with DOS in 1995, when I was 6, I have used a lot of operating systems, having had both stressful and wonderful times with them all. 

Since 2007, when I started uni doing IT and venturing outside the Microsoft world, I have always become annoyed with my current operating system, and wanted to switch – then repeat this cycle. 

Here is an overview of my experiences and conclusions about the various operating systems.


Being the default installed on most computers, and being the most widely available, this is what I started with, and what I fall back on when things go wrong.

I wish I didn’t have to use it, but from my experience, pretty much all programs I need work on it, and it has Adobe Creative Suite – which I use a lot, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier Pro, After Effects… 

Ubuntu Linux

If I could use any operating system, it would be Linux, for ethical and philosophical reasons, however I have had many frustrating experiences with it, perhaps because I’m not so well versed in it all. 

Going on from above – if Adobe Creative Suite was available, or there were replacement programs as good/ easy to use – I would probably only use Linux.

Apple Mac

I used a MacBook for a while, and it was shiny good. There were bugs and hoops to jump through, but I thought it was ok.

Chrome OS

I haven’t used it, but for a netbook type computer, I would really love it. Since 2007 uni times, more and more I’ve been moving house into the cloud. It all started when our uni Microsoft Word was having some terrible issues, maybe it was on an application server or something, but it was slow as hell, and a friend noticed/ mentioned that Google Docs was much faster, so I stated using it – backed up all my documents to the unlimited G-Cloud – and have never looked back since. Then with YouTube’s unlimited Blue Ray quality video uploads and Google Plus’s unimited 2048 pixel photo uploads, things got more and more off my hard drive and into the cloud.