Is Yahoo relevant or useful?

My first email address was a Yahoo one – My sister helped me set it up when I was younger, I think it was hahaha~

After that, in high school, I made some HTML websites using Geocities, using many hideous flashing animated gifs and bright colours…

after that, I pretty much never saw Yahoo again, hooray Google ~

But there is actually one thing I love that came from Yahoo – Yahoo Widgets.

Google and Microsoft had their versions, but I found them both to be alike, and displeasing.

But I only like 3 of the Yahoo widgets (and a specific older version of one of them)

Click here to download Yahoo Widgets

Click here to download a ZIP of my favourite 3 widgets

Settings changes:

  • Calendar change to outline current day, change to white outline
  • Time make maximum size, and glow size, hide animation, alarm, date, etc. white font, black glow
  • Weather set location, change to metric
  • Set all to “below windows” and “prevent dragging”


If only they were available on Linux, but they are under some strict licence by Yahoo…