Tablet OS Android Chrome OS

It seems that this year is the year of tablets, cloud and mobile.

I was excited about tablets before (though I wasn’t planning to get one, I can do so many things on my phone, and I really don’t need one…) but I really would have wanted one which was a bit more powerful that what IOS and Android can offer.

I would love a cloud based Chrome OS tablet, with full HTML 5 support for offline databases (Gmail, Docs, Google+ etc.)

That way it would not need huge processing or space (becuase the cloud could process and store), but would be easily accessible and portable. It would be able to do more powerful desktop processes in a compact form factor…

What do you think about tablets/ notebooks/ etc.?

Since Google Docs, I’ve been loving the cloud, storing all my Microsoft Office files in Docs.
and then when G+ came out with unlimited photos at 2,000 pixel resolution ` I uploaded all photos on my destop~ Then theres YouTube, Gmail, etc.etc. ~

Just a few things to go and we’ll be 100% in the cloud ~