Google Plus G+ New awesome Social Network

I was so excited when I heard about G+,

I had already slowed my use of Facebook, and was being irritated by the cluttered, ever changing, dated style of it, and the way it did things…

Things I love about G+:

  • You can send things to groups of people “circles” – semi-public, but restricted by you
  • You can share videos with groups of people (driven by YouTube architecture) – where as on YouTube it’s public, private, or to 5 people…
  • Unlimited HD 2,000 pixel photos, unlike compressed FB photos… So I uploaded every image I owned ~ and all facebook images
  • It’s easy to upload stuff
    • When I get home, and connect to WIFI, all my photos/ videos from my phone get pushed into G+
    • Other photos on your computer can just be dragged into G+ albums and uploaded, and while uploaded, you can drag more photos in ~
  • Video chat, better than Skype.
    You can video chat with 10 people, while chatting and sharing YouTube videos together ~
  • It’s clean, fast, made by Google, and only just beginning ~