Google IO 2011 – signing in from Australia

I’m currently watching the bginning of Google IO Develoers conference from Australia ~

so exciting ~ it’s the 1st I’ve listened to ~

I’ll give live updates ~ (though on the Google IO 2011 website, there are also live streming, updates and announcements)

  • Update to Honeycomb, Ice-cream Sandwich (I mised this)
  • Android market + Movie rentals (like on YouTube)
  • Google Music Beta – online iTunes replacement in the cloud with auto sync
  • Open accessories – anyone can make any type of accessories that work with Android
  • Android at Home – Android can work with any item in your house, if inbuilt, or if you connect to a receiver

I can’t believe how smooth and amazing the Google IO live stream is ~ there must be thousands watching and it doesn’t skip a beat~

There were 2 main streams on the live streaming  ~ Android and Chrome – both of which I’m really interested in – wish I could watch it all ~ I think it will all be released soon~

And huge news for browsers and the killing of IE6

  • There is a plugin called Google Chrome Frame, which can be installed on machines without admin privaliges, that renders web pages through Chrome in IE if the webpage has opted in (with a meta tag) – so websites can use HTML 5, modern flash, 3d graphics etc. in IE6 with this plugin.

Also Google Open Fonts is exciting:

  • Rich fonts like what is used in print, Google hosts them, so there isn’t any down time, there is no licencing issues, because it’s open, and Google handles cross-browser quirks and browser updates etc., option for compression, optimisation, only download characters you need, caching.