Google Chrome Development – Themes

I made some Chrome themes – however one of them, which had the Google logo as the background was flagged/ taken down – and actually all my themes had copyright images, so I deleted all of them…

The first I started adding themes to the Chrome web store was the 24th of April 2011 – All taken down 1st of September 2014. During the end period of time – weekly active users counted 15034 people.

Your Listings (1 – 6 of 6) Created Weekly users
Pushka Google logo light shadow 4/24/11 493
Orion Twilight Parasprite Nebula 5/30/13 1326
Pushka Google Original Logo Light 4/25/11 3716
Pushka Google Simple Black White 4/25/11 1555
Legend Zelda Majora’s Mask 2/24/13 6748
Aperture Science Old Time Dark Portal 3/15/13 1196
  Start Total Users
  24/04/2011 15034