Toonabango Novel

Here are the first two chapters of a novel I randomly started writing as a youngan.

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1) Toonabango.

It seemed like the ordinary day in the village of Toonabango. It seemed like the day that would turn out fine, but little did they know, the people of Toonabango, that their lives were going to be changed forever, this day. This was the day that Zin was going to strike.

This particular day started out as the most normal day, every day (except for the weekend days, of course) all the children would wake up and go to school. In this town the children got taught by their parents except for some parts of science, like astronomy and chemistry (mostly because of the equipment needed). all the other subjects were taught by their parents. There were books made by one of the kids parents who bound them and wrote them himself. There were no computers and no machenes in the town.It was a peacefull, prosperous town that had lived for generations undisturbed and happy.

There were not many people around except out west, which was out on the other side of a great vast body of water, like a sea or a giant river that stretched out for countless miles. The town was right next to the shore of a small ocean, more like a great river stretching out dividing out the east and west. There were some small islands along the shore and on the other side there were some people, also living in villages scattered around the land.The town didn’t interact with the people a lot because they were far away and they weren’t really friendly people out on the other side.

Because of the shore so close there were lots of fish and thats where lots of the food came from. The town was near the shore but there was a forest in between the two. The forest  also provided lots of food, from mushrooms to berrys. The food was carefully divided into parts. All the food collected was given to everyone and there was no money, because the leader said money was the root of all problems.

All the people worked together and each person had his or her part of the work, like in a colony of ants. There were lots of jobs to be done: Nurse, leader (solves problems), games leder, teachers, food preparation organisers, food collectors, builders, fire managers, designers and lots more. There was always a job to be done. there were even jobs for the kids like doing the dishes which would take a lot to do because of all the people that would eat and taking out the rubbish to a cave some distance away which had a deep pit in the far end. All the rubbish was thrown in but that was only for the older kids so the little ones wouldn’t play around and fall down the hole. The rubbish would rot and become new soil.

On an island out far into the water there camped Zin. She had traveled from a lush forest where vines grew thickly everywhere and there was rumour of a giant nest built in the trees, but that was just a myth. On her travels Zin occasionally would attack a village or city for some apparent reason but the people always resisted. She always moved on with Way out on the small island, Zin was deviously planning her attack.

2) Zin’s Plan

“We can beat them” a man was saying to Zin, which was sitting on a pile of rags. “What about all the others we tried to conquer!” Zin shouted “They were all too strong but this is going to be easy, on that side of the ocean the people are little wimps, we will stomp them flat”.”Yes maybe you’re right but the village is small, I have already sent spies out to look at the town, how will we all fit in the town?”. “we can capture someone, preferably the leader and make them pay a ransom of building some extensions to fit our needs. Then we will capture them and take over”. “Yes they are small but you saw the people back there, they resisted and we didn’t have a chance! This time we won’t fail! we will succeed and take over. we were kicked out of the nest A few hours later all the ships the thieves had were ready to sail out across to the far awaited beach. The beach had a single tent set up for food and shelter when Zins army came. “Have all the ships been set?!?” Zin boomed. “Yes Zin, your highness” the shaky scared boat manager squeaked from a corner of the tent of Zin. “Get all the passengers on and get this tent put away! If we are going to use the plan I have carefully set out, than we have to start on it  N O W  !!! Zin screamed at the top of her voice, which could nearly be heard at the village. In a few minutes all the people, tents and the now angry Zin were all in the boats waiting to be rowed across the sea. The ships were rowed by trained and fit workers that could do better than the task at hand.When the people got to the other side, they ate and set up camp because it was getting late. Their plan was to trek out onto the other side of the town where there were some rocky mountains with lots of caves and hiding places for the thieves to keep out of site. Their plan was to strike in the dead of nite and create the element of surprise.

How to keep your bedroom monster free

This is a childrens book I wrote in early high school.

7 Steps to Keep your Bedroom Monster Free

By  Pushka Gib’en,  Illustrated  By  Kyle  J.

Step 1

Cover yourself in cream cheese; it’s a known fact that monsters don’t like the smell

Step 2

Make Beefcake and put it under your bed.

Put these ingredients in a blender

* 1x whole cow

* 10 grams of marmalade dipped in cheese

* Sponge cake base

Blend for 9 hours.

Note- makes sure you don’t get attacked while you are making the beefcake. Don’t forget Step 1.

Step 3

Put some brick-ticles on, shown in the following diagram

To make them, find the most expensive glasses you can, and smash them with a brick, then cover them in clay and mud mixed with cement. Leave in the sun to dry.

When you put them on, the monsters cant see you.

Step 4

Find every fan you can and put them in your cupboard. Monsters can’t stand the breas.

Step 5

Clean your room with a broomstick dipped in chocolate flavoured cheese.

This will keep the monsters from hiding in your walls because monsters are allergic to chocolate and cheese.

Step 6

Make a monster trap:

1) Get a really big box

2) Put your brother/sister or anything else in it (for bait).

3) Watch from a distance until a monster goes inside.

4) Close and seal with stikytape and a stapler.

Step 7

HA HA! there is no step 7!, there’s not even any step 1!, I made it all up! Monsters don’t exist; I had you there didn’t I? Hee hee…


Just kidding….

. . . A H H H H H H H H H H H H

**gets killed**

Year 9 Ku-ring-gai Creative Arts High School NOVA elective classes

creative writing and illustration  2004


High School Major Work Writing

This is something that I wrote for school.

Click here to see the original spelling in Google Docs – it is terrible, hahahaha ~ 


She groaned and sat up stupidly.

“come on jenny” Sora said

“We need to get out of here. Use your magic.”

Jenny was a sorceress. Learned in the arts of healing, levitating, linguistics and other forms of magic.

“she stood up and pulled out one of her hairs, humming as she did so, instantly, with white, pure heat, two bars melted away, leaving enough space for the two to get out of the cages. But that was only the first stage.

“but what now” came the obvious remark from Sora.

“well theres only one door in this room, so we better start there.”

They scaled the walls quietly and went through the door, as quietly as they could have. they would have loved to just bolt in one direction and run to freedom, but stealth would be needed more.

“What will we tell the elders, back home?” said jenny

“I don’t know… do you think they will believe us if we tell them?”

“yeah you’re right, it won’t be a very convincing story,

‘Oh guess what, theres pirates over there behind the rock’… great…”

“I know!” Sora said a little loud.


“oh sorry… I know, we’ll get some proof that there are people here.”

So they explored the place, meeting no one, until they came to a door that had light pouring through the crack where it was opened. The two looked through and saw about twenty people all gathered there. there was a roaring fire in the middle of the room and people were gathered around it. at the end of the room there was a man speaking. he was obviously some sort of boss because he was on a pedestal and everyone was watching with all their attention, almost afraid of him. the two went away slowly and went down the corridor that the room branched off from. They found a door and it was locked. in shiny gold lettering there was written ~~Altariel~~

“This must be the bosses room!” Sora said. “can you open the lock?” he added.

“well I don’t know about this kind, but I can try.”

she again hummed, but just turned the doorknob and it clicked twice, then opened. They walked in and found some of the most amazing things, there were treasures of all kinds and beautiful writings on fabric on the walls. It was like a rose in a thorn field. The children stared in awe and then each grabbed an item, put it in their pockets and went back into the gloom of the cave.

“the pipes were probably air holes. In a tunnel like this with so many torches, you would need plenty of oxygen.” jenny said, looking at the rows of torches.

“look over there.” Said Sora pointing at a dark block.

“lets go check it out, it might lead to the way out of this place.”

So they headed towards the end of the tunnel and found a deep pool that shimmered with light.

“what do you think it is?”

said Jenny

“i think the shimmering is natural light! were saved!”

So without thinking, they jumped in and dived down towards the light, swimming with all their might. but the tunnel just kept going and going. They were beginning to get desperate, was this just some trap? did it end up anywhere? how ironic, that they would finish, going towards the light… but then, a flash of light signaled they had made it. they were free. They swam to shore and went to elexia.

“hey! theres pirates!”

“yeah they’re here”

“we have to fight them!”

“come on!”

“we have proof!”


rang the cries of Sora and jenny through the halls of the elders, but they just looked.


“one at a time…”

“let me talk Sora. Ok, elders of Elexia, me and Sora were running through the forests, and lost track of time, we went out of our land’s border and went into an unknown place. there we saw a boat of some kind coming out of a cave, it was very well concealed between a cliff and a huge rock sticking out, baring our town from view. we were captured, but escaped. so we are here to warn you.”

And then something happened that they did not expect.

some of the elders started laughing, talking, some angry, it was a shock to Sora and Jenny, so they just stood there.

“we elders already knew of the people. They are a people known to few people, as the Aqua-Nisenn they are sea traders and are very protective of their land, that is probably why they ambushed you. this enforces why  you should listen to your elders. now go to sleep.”

Health Book, Unlocking your Health & Happiness – Ralf Behn MissionX

I was making and editing some websites for a friend of mine, and he had been writing a book for four years – “Unlocking your Health & Happiness”.

His name is Ralf Behn, and he’s been crusading for health and other wholistic life mastery skills, also being a personal trainer.

I  did the graphic design for the book layout, and you can get an eBook here:

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