The God delusion by Richard Dawkins and God is not great by Christopher Hitchens

As soon as I had become an atheist, I read a possibly cliché, but unexpectedly wonderful book, The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins.

Interestingly I have heard two Christians talk about the book, and they both said exactly the same thing. Perhaps there is some recourse online telling people how to “deal with the book”without having to actually read it. They petty much downplayed the validity of the book, saying it was attacking a false view of Christianity.

Of course Christians wasn’t to distance themselves from the atrocities committed by Christians all over the world and in our past history, but The God Delusion dealt with religion in general and was quite deep scientifically and philosophically.

I also read God Is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. It had some parallel themes and examples, like the modern cargo cult religions.

As a good, upstanding, Seventh-day Adventist Christian, I would have never read the books before, but I would encourage all to give them a go. I mean, if your faith is strong enough to move mountains, it should stand up to a bit of criticism and eye opening.

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